President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held an open dialogue with entrepreneurs on August 22.
During the meeting, the President outlined five main directions and put forward many initiatives on each of them.The first direction describes the implementation of the several approaches to support the enterprises by dividing them into categories.

In particular, enterprises with an annual turnover:

   1. up to 1 billion soums will belong to the category of microbusiness,

   2. up to 10 billion soums – for small businesses,

   3. up to 100 billion soums – for medium businesses.

A single tax rate of 4% will be set for microbusiness instead of the current turnover tax rates of 4% to 25%. Enterprises with an annual turnover of more than 1 billion soums and switching to the general procedure for paying taxes will pay half the income tax for one year. A decrease in the value added tax rate to 12% was also announced during the meeting.

The second direction is the creation of a conducive financing system. 20 trillion soums will be allocated for small business projects.
The third direction covers the issue of introducing special approaches for business based on the conditions of districts and cities. From the next year, all districts and cities will be divided into 5 categories according to their conditions. They will define special taxation regimes, subsidies, compensation of interest on the loan, provision of guarantees, involvements to infrastructure.

The established amount of payment for the privatization of the land, amounting to 20 times the amount of land tax, will be reduced 10 times in Tashkent and regional centers, 5 times in other regions.

The fourth direction concerns the protection of the property of entrepreneurs. It is emphasized that only the court can cancel decisions on the allocation of land and property, as well as consider the issue of the seizure of property during the investigation.

The opportunity for entrepreneurs to apply to the courts will also be expanded. In particular, when applying to administrative courts, the state duty rate will be reduced by half. The deadline for entrepreneurs to appeal the decision of the tax authorities in court will be extended from the current 1 month to 3 years.

The fifth direction covers the issues of monitoring the activities of entrepreneurs and ensuring accountability.

A moratorium on the introduction of new types of liability and penalties against entrepreneurs will be announced for a period of 3 years. 

The President emphasized that all types of inspections must be in accordance with the business Ombudsman, and the amount of fines should not exceed the amount of tax paid by the entrepreneur. In general, the problem that has been concerning entrepreneurs working in the field of trade for almost 30 years will now be eliminated – that is, criminal liability for violating trade rules will be completely abolished.

It was pointed out the need to improve the activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Its tasks and authority will be expanded. In particular, the right has been granted to submit mandatory issues to the government, to file lawsuits to the Supreme Court in the interests of entrepreneurs. The CCI will be completely removed from the subordination of the government and will become an independent protector of the interests of entrepreneurs.

In order to implement all the proposals mentioned during the open dialogue, it was instructed to form a Public Council for the Support of Entrepreneurship under the President.